Ballyfermot Advance Project holds a STORM® licence for the Dublin 10 and Dublin 22 areas to deliver STORM® SELF HARM MITIGATION training including SUICIDE PREVENTION and Self-Injury mitigation training.The Ballyfermot Advance coordinates an interagency training team made up of trainers from a range of organisations and agencies in Dublin 10 and Dublin 22 who have been trained to deliver STORM training.

STORM® Training is delivered to Frontline workers (primarily with a case load) and Managers across a range of organisations and agencies in the Dublin 10 and Dublin 22 including:

HSE Addiction Services, youth services, community based addiction services, schools, probation services, family support services, child welfare and development services, Garda, rehabilitation services, alternative educational settings, prison and prison links etc

STORM® training comprises of the following modules:

  • Suicide Assessment
  • Safety Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Future Safety Planning
  • Self-injury Mitigation
  • Assessment of risk
  • Safety Planning

The training is Skills based allowing trainees to develop and practice key skills to support clients at risk of suicide and/or self-injury. Video recorded role-play, video demonstration and group work form key parts of the training programme. A certificate of attendance is awarded on completion.

For details of the 2016 STORM® Calendar and eligibility please contact: