This service is to support adults living with a disability who have addiction issues to become more participatory in their community.

  • Assist the person plan for a better lifestyle discussing and identifying how disability and substance abuse impacts on the person’s life.
  • Meet with the individuals on a weekly basis and develop the relationship.
  • Explore the individual’s drug/alcohol use and the impact on their relationships, lifestyle, health etc
  • Discuss harm reduction measure with individuals
  • Plan for improved changes in the individual’s life exploring options that are realistic and achievable
  • Assist people to access mainstream services in their community in support of recovery and social inclusion.
  • Make home visits on a weekly basis and identify what supports the person needs on a professional basis.
  • Assist individuals in accessing these services both logistically and emotionally

  • Follow up with people to ensure continuity of care and improvements made in their quality of life.
  • Advocate on behalf of the individuals for services required
  • Work closely with the client’s family as required
  •  Support individuals to access socials activities within their community and also further afield .
  • Access a vehicle to transport the individuals to appropriate services
  • Assist individuals to partake in community activities throughout the Dublin 10 area.
  • Ensure the health and safety is of paramount importance at all times.
  • Assist clients to participate in a weekly Disability Club.

The objective would be to modify the problem, to make life easier for those with a disability and an addiction problem. For further information about this unique service contact;

Disability Outreach Worker 

William Byrne
Phone: 01 623 8001
Email: info@ballyfermotadvance.ie