community development

The purpose of this role is to work with the Ballyfermot local community to help the community address the issues that are pertinent in relation to drugs and drug use. It is to ensure those that are affected by drug use and the drug using community have a voice in developments that take place within the Ballyfermot area. The role also includes the development and the implementation of Task Force initiatives.

The Community Development Worker also works with the wider community to increase awareness about drugs and alcohol misuse and its associated challenges in the area and to encourage positive change. This service provides support to individuals and communities within the Ballyfermot area to help bring about change in relation to issues concerning drugs and drug use. Assist with the local elections for Community Representation on the Task Force. 

Initiatives that the development worker operates include;

  • Support for Childcare
  • Residential Options
  • Community Grants Scheme
  • Parents Plus Children’s Programme
  • Community Addiction Studies Course— Fetac level 5
  • Basic Alcohol and Drug awareness training

Community Grants Scheme 
This grant is a broad based community grants scheme for drug related activities. This Grants scheme occurs on a yearly basis and provides a small grant to groups and organisations within the Ballyfermot area to help alleviate the harm caused by drug misuse.

Support for Childcare
This initiative supports individuals involved in drug use that are looking to go into treatment, return to education, start a training programme or other initiative, but find that they are restricted from doing so due to the high cost of childcare. It does this by subsidising childcare costs, accessing childcare places in childcare facilities thereby enabling individuals to access treatment 

Residential Options
The purpose of this initiative is to provide a means by which people wishing to avail of residential detox or rehabilitation can access places. The Residential Options is a fund which is available to individuals within the Ballyfermot area who meet the criteria and are looking to access a rehabilitation programme.

Parenting Programmes
This is an 8-week positive parenting course for parents, called ‘Parents Plus’. Topics covered are establishing rules and routines, creating discipline plans, encouraging play and special time with children, encouraging children’s learning, managing misbehaviour and talking problems through with children. This is appropriate for parents of children aged 6 – 11 years

Community Addiction Studies Course
This is a Fetac Level 5 course which enables people living or working in the community to become more effective when they encounter drug/alcohol abuse or addiction. Areas covered include: How addiction affects individuals, families, communities. How individuals and communities can respond to the process of addiction. Pharmaceutical information on drugs and their effects and field visits to drugs services / Individual course work.

Contact Community Development Worker

Blaitnáid Dunne
Phone: 01 623 8001
Mobile: 087 985 4510