Ballyfermot Advance Project provides a range of Services within the community to meet the changing needs of people affected by drug & alcohol use. We offer a wide range of high quality developmental responses in a Low Threshold environment.

The Ballyfermot Advance Project provides a Drop In and an Outreach Service to individuals currently involved in drug or alcohol use in the Ballyfermot Task Force area. We support the Ballyfermot Local Drugs & Alcohol Task Force Initiatives which help to address the different needs within the Ballyfermot area in relation to drugs and alcohol use.

Community Drug Team

The Community Drug Team was set up to work with drug users in the Ballyfermot Drugs Task Force area. The Team work with individuals who tend to be chaotic in their lifestyle and who are finding it difficult to access other services for whatever reason.

Our aim is to create a positive and meaningful change in each individual client’s life through offering a range of services that meet the identified needs of each client. 

Individuals can call in at any time to see a Project Worker or alternatively you can contact the Community Drug Team to make an appointment.


The purpose of this role is to work with the Ballyfermot local community to help the community address the issues that are pertinent in relation to drugs and drug use.

It is to ensure those that are affected by drug use and the drug using community have a voice in developments that take place within the Ballyfermot area. The role also includes the development and the implementation of Task Force initiatives. You can contact us for information regarding our funds for childcare and rehabilitation, and for our training courses.


This service is to support adults living with a disability who have addiction issues to become more participatory in their community. Assist the person plan for a better lifestyle discussing and identifying how disability and substance abuse impacts on the person’s life.


The Administrator of the Ballyfermot Advance Project works on behalf of the project and the Local Drug Task Force. As well as being the administrator of Advance, the role offers administrative support to projects throughout the Ballyfermot area that come under the remit of the Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force.


Phone: 01 623 8001